Girl Waves to Police Officer Each Day and He Decides to Check on the House

Published on March 23, 2022

Most young kids like seeing police officers because it makes them feel safe. Every day, one officer sees that same girl waving to him through the window. Sebastian got used to this, so when it didn’t happen one day, he worried that something might have gone wrong. That causes him to break every rule in his book to check it out and learn about the young girl.

He was finally able to get into her room and find the answers to his questions. However, he wasn’t sure he wanted them anymore. What could have possibly happened to the young girl?!

Calling for Backup

Once Sebastian had the door slammed in his face, he realized something wasn’t right. He didn’t care about his good standing with the police department. Therefore, he goes out on a limb, calling for backup to help him search the house.

Calling For Backup

Calling For Backup

Checking the Girl’s Room

Minutes after that, a total of 11 police officers forced their way into the house and put the man who opened the door into handcuffs. Sebastian runs upstairs to the room where the girl waved from because he has to know what happened to her!

Checking The Girl's Room

Checking The Girl’s Room