You Can Now Order Taylor Swift’s Favorite Latte At Starbucks

Published on November 7, 2021

With the recent announcement that Taylor Swift is re-releasing her album Red, obsessed fans and occasional listeners alike have been pretty excited. Starbucks is hopping on the Swifties train and has been dropping some not-so-cryptic hints via Twitter with tweets like “It’s Red season.” However, this tweet has a double meaning.

Starbucks' Taylor Swift Tweet

Starbucks’ Taylor Swift Tweet

After this tweet from Starbucks, TS fans had a feeling that their beloved singer would somehow be involved with Starbucks. That’s where the “Taylor’s Latte” or “Taylor’s Version” comes in. You can now order her favorite drink, which is a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte.

Starbucks will also be playing the new release of red at its locations, as well as some other beloved hits. You can also give a Taylor-inspired gift card, for the fellow Swifties in your life. The card has a fall motif and lyrics from “All Too Well” on it, which read “Autumn leaves falling down.”

Starbucks Hinting At Their Collab

Starbucks Hinting At Their Collab

So if you love Taylor Swift and you want to enjoy her favorite Starbucks drink, head over to your local location and order “Taylor’s Latte.” Best of all, pretty soon it will be Starbucks’ red cup season, and the two worlds will fully converge.

Order Taylor's Version

Order Taylor’s Version